Behind The Scenes TV Shows

You can now order copies of our shows we have filmed in 2 ways: (PLEASE READ BELOW)

You can order dvd's on their own priced at £8 each OR as a special offer, you can order 5 DVD's for £21

The DVD's you will recieve in this offer include Daniel O'Donnell 2011/12 and 2013, Mary Duff, Dominic Kirwan and Philomena Begley/Carmen Silver.

Order all 5 DVD's below on the buy now button or scroll down and to the right to order individual shows.


DANIEL O'DONNELL 2013, Filmed in Glasgow, Gateshead and Birmingham. a 1hr show with exclusive behind the scenes footage, music and exclusive interview. Broadcasting on Showcase TV


DOMINIC KIRWAN 2013, Filmed in Skegness. up close and personal, exclusive behind the scenes footage, music and exclusive interview. To order this show on DVD you can send a cheque for £8 for each copy or click the add to cart button which is located below the video.


DOMINIC KIRWAN 2011/2012, Filmed at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe, an up close and personal interview with Dominic with songs and audience.


DANIEL O'DONNELL 2011 & 2012

In 2011 we filmed Daniel in Central London with an exlcusive interview, then in 2012 we again filmed him and Mary in Glasgow,


Mary Duff 2013 Glasgow and Wales

In 2013, NETV attended a concert in Glasgow and Wales at the Mary Duff appreciation society, our 2 shows were broadcast on Sky and copies of our broadcasted programs are also available on dvd, £8


Philomena Begley

Recorded in 2013 in Blackpool at TV studios, we have an indepth interview with Philomena whilst she was promoting her new album, included on this show/dvd we also feature Carmel Silver, the show and dvd is 1hr in running time. £8


Buy Daniel's new album here.

A picture of you is Daniel's brand new album release featuring lots of classic tracks.

But it right here for only £9.99 + P&P