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Commercial Production

At NETV we have produced 100's of TV commercials for clients over the years.



Access to our in-house scriptwriters who are experts in their field.



Our experts will make sure your TV commercial is broadcast compliant.


Master Copies

Once completed, we will be happy to provide you with the master copy.



We will fit your TV ad around the right audience for your brand.



We can include the making of your AD + broadcasting for one fixed cost.

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Discover Britain

Our flagship TV show.


The Broadcasts

Our TV show currently broadcasts 9 times per week.


Our Audience

Those interested in the holiday industry.

Advertising Information.

The 2 most popular shows on any broadcasting network are, food and travel. So when you consider advertising, your audience is the key to success, their age group, the shows they watch. This is why Discover Britain is successful all round as our viewers are already interested in travel and that audience is YOUR market. Call us today and lets get you matched to the people who buy your services and products. That's what's important when advertising on TV, not the program but the actual audience of those programs.

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Looking to promote your business?

We can help with commercial creation
and content reviews.

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Discover Britain



  • Touring Caravan Safety Feature
  • Starring Carol Smiley

NEC Promotion

  • Commercial booked on our show
  • To promote the caravan exhibtion

TV Commercial

  • Carers Trust
  • Filmed by NETV starring Daniel O'Donnell